Our company is concerned with the delivery of lasers sources and also industry applications with CO2, fiber and solid-state lasers already installed. These applications are mostly used in industry for cutting, drilling, welding, cleaning and marking metal and non-metal materials. With all the above-mentioned lasers we are prepared to provide the applications with the range of the output from mW up to several tens of kW with accurately defined parameters of  laser beam outlet. Obvious is also the delivery of all the related equipments which are necessary for reliable operation  of laser. In this sphere are included first of all the DC, HV and RF power supplies, beam correctors,   processing heads, cooling systems and also positioning mechanism with CNC control system. Because of the immense possibilities of utilization of the laser, it is not possible to name all the materials which can be processed with laser. That is the reason why our company offers to our customers consultation and processing of the samples at no cost.
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