Further services
According to your requirement we are able to ensure the development of the equipments, project the printed boards and consequently ensure the small-lot production of them including the mechanical parts from the field of optoelectronic, power technology and closed-loop controls. 

We are also offering the possibility to have tested your equipment for thermal and mechanical stability in our testing workplace. For testing the thermal stability of electronical equipments there is available in our company a thermocabinet Brabender with temperature limit from -70°C  up to +175 °C and  with capacity of 60 litres. It is possible to lodge the continuance of the temperature in the  measuring protocol on PC together with the measured value.  For testing of mechanical stability we use the vibration exciter with stroboscope, which makes possible to test the equipments in the wide transmission bandwith.                             

For the measurement it is possible to use our measuring technique from renowned producers, for instance Hewlett Packard (Agilent Technologies), Tektronix, Ophir, MKS.

Among further services which our company can offer you can find the fine surface finishing by shot blasting with a glass ballottini and vacuum potting of small electronical or mechanical parts
into the potting substances.  It is advantageous to use the vacuum potting for cost reduction in the production of small modulus because there is no need to use the plastic cases. The equipment is simultaneously well protected from external influences (water, oil, dust, vibrations). The equipment is also suitable for spotting of HV transformers and another wound parts. By request we can ensure also the production of the needed moulds for spotting.

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