Company profile
profil.jpgCompany Gama Hard s.r.o.was established in 2001 and in its activities follows the previous successful operation of the firm Gama. Among the main activities of the company belong selling, installation, development and the manufacturing of lasers, optical parts for lasers, the delivery of the  specialized laser working places. Further we offer service and reconstruction of lasers and machines which are already installed with the laser sources, especially in cutting, welding and drilling applications. In our activities we successfully cooperate with a planty of home and foreign companies and due to this cooperation we are able to provide to our customers the latest technology and very good support.
Current news
Action price of lenses for CO2 lasers with the possibility of their following refurbishment.

Do you cut the stainless steel?  Try to use the Dual-Focus lenses! Higher cutting speed, using 70% less N2 gas, superior cut. We will help you with the right choise of the performance of the lense.

Every gardener has CO2 laser nowadays...  Try a fiber laser with us! Greater cutting speed, severalfold less consumption of energy, maintenance-free operation and planty of other advantages.